All photography provided by Emily McCarthy

The Green Lake Fine Art Show is heralded as one of the Midwest's finest art shows. The show has received the Green Lake Magazine's Reader's Poll Award for "Favorite Attraction" for 8 years.

We pride ourselves on selecting artists who meet the quality and craftmanship standards for this unique and highly regarded show.

Our Mission

Each year we strive to make an effort to maintain the quality of the show. We travel throughout the year to other art shows to discover talented artists to participate in our Fine Arts Show. Perhaps the most important change is the buying public and their attendance. Our goal is to continue to have a pleasant and profitable, quality show, for the artists and patrons. Your presence in Green Lake will be what makes our show special. We look forward to seeing you there.

Green Lake has always been a beloved artists’ community. But the Fine Art Show goes beyond, on August 9 – 10, 2014, welcome artists from around the state and other parts of the country as well as those who live right in Green Lake. The Fine Art Show jurists pride themselves on selecting art in all mediums for their summer show that will be rich in quality yet diverse in content. Every visitor will connect with at least one artist’s work, though it is likely you’ll connect with many. Visitors are invited to leisurely walk among the artist’s displays in Playground Park. Have a conversation and learn what inspired them or just absorb the lovely works of art. You’ll feel artistic passion all around, and when you want to take some of that home with you, it’s easy. All artists’ works are for purchase, allowing you to permanently continue your appreciation at home. Two and three dimensional art abounds in every medium, including oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, drawings, photography, digital art, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, glass and wood. With a 40% vendor switchover rate, the show is different every year. The show bustles with live entertainment, piping hot food and cold refreshments. Enjoy the works of more than 100 artists. You’ll be inspired, impassioned and awed.
— Green Lake Area, Chamber of Commerce