Artist details

This is an invitational fine arts show. Artists may exhibit and sell their media, provided that each piece of work is of original design and execution by the artist exhibiting.

Examples of work not accepted

There are no exceptions to these rules.


Non accepted Media Examples

ceramic casts from commercial molds, country crafts, dolls, imports, manufactured jewelry, (such as chains, beads, belt bucks, etc) and painted or handmade clothing including accessories. Anything that is made with the use of purchased patterns, plans, kits, prefabricated forms, molds, or anything purchased and being resold as artwork is unacceptable.



Each artist will be responsible for preparing, exhibiting, setup and take down of their work, and collecting the 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax.  A 12X12 FT display area is provided. Spaces are pre-assigned and non-transferable. Information on setup time, parking and more, will be included with the acceptance letter. Only 1 artist per booth! No groups may enter.